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Reviews and Testimonials

Michael Cannatti: Client


"We completely and enthusiastically recommend Oliver Custom Homes to anyone interested in working with wonderful, high quality builders having the utmost integrity and craftsmanship. We love their work, and still consider Paul and Matt to be some of our favorite people and friends, and how often do you get to say that about your builder after the project is over?"

Peter Pfeiffer: Architect


"Oliver Custom Homes built my personal home on a handshake. Feel free to contact me for details on what it is like to work with Matt and brother Paul. They are the builders of choice for Barley & Pfeiffer Architects. I have no reservations whatsoever recommending them." 

Ann Phipps: Client


"Paul and Matt are really wonderful human beings who happen to build really wonderful homes. Solid, sustainable homes with corners that are tight and square where they should be and graciously curved when the design calls for it. Can't say enough good thing about them or the quality of their work."

 James Yates: Client


Oliver Custom Homes represents a rare, in the construction business, combination of management and administrative skill, knowledge of construction, access to skilled craftsmen, detailed supervision and oversight of project work, knowledge of the correct sequence of construction and experienced problem solving. What becomes the greatest strength of Oliver Custom Homes is the transparent, honesty, of all aspects of the project and keeping "their word." Careful, accurate, timely accounting, clear open communication with the owner of progress, issues, responsiveness to owner needs, and interests with alternative suggestions for realistic solutions.  I am convinced Matt, Paul and Adam Oliver represent the best in the often difficult world of home construction.



Donna Tiemann: Client


"Paul and Matt Oliver are beautiful souls and most enjoyable to work with. Our most recent project together, "Cliffside House", was featured on the AIA's Homes Tour and received many praises. I'm very proud of this project. Thanks for your hard work and careful craft!" 

Emily McKaskle: Client


"The Oliver brothers built our home nearly a decade ago. Not only did they do an amazing job, but the house is still in great shape. Their attention to detail was amazing."

Matt Bachardy: Architect


"I highly recommend Matt, Paul and Adam to anyone building a custom home. Their knowledge of the construction process and attention to detail is outstanding, as is their customer service."

Carol King:


"I have worked closely with Matt for over ten years. He has been very instrumental in support and ideas for the development of CHS - Custom Homebuilders' Solutions software. He has always shown an intense interest in having job cost and accounting software that provides a high degree of accountability to his home buyers. His integrity and honesty are very commendable."