As your home builder, Oliver Custom Homes will help you and your architect get on paper what you want – well coordinated set of plans. We will make every effort to work with you and your architect to help you design within the budget you define. The exact price of your “One of a kind . One at a time.” custom home can be determined only after complete plans have been priced. After you, your architect and Oliver Custom Homes have worked through preliminary, final, and complete plans, it will take several weeks to accurately price your home. Only then can a complete and reliable final proposal be provided. During this stage, take your time and make sure a complete understanding of all details exist between all involved. This will save time, money and misunderstandings later.


If the proposal meets your needs and is acceptable to you, we will prepare the contract necessary for you to secure your financing.  When your financing is in place, Oliver Custom Homes will secure all building permits, arrange connections to utilities, survey and stake the house on your property, then excavate, so that actual construction can commence.  The construction time ranges from 6 to 15 months, depending on size and amount of detail in your “One of a kind. One at a time.” dream custom home.


By the time we start construction, we will have spent considerable time together, knowing far more than the lines that appear on your plans and the words in the specifications.  A “One of a kind. One at a time.” Custom Home is as unique as its owners.  With a lot of work and communication, the construction period should be an exciting time for you, and a productive time for us.  When the time arrives and your “One of a kind. One at a time.” custom home is complete, you will enjoy the results of your efforts and be proud of the home you designed.  

The Oliver Custom Homes Purpose

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